Video's of the world's fastest tennis serves.

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Sam Groth just after breaking the record (163.4 mph / 263 kph) 

The Australian hit the serve at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger in South Korea. Unfortunately there is no known footage of the actual serve but an incredible serve non the less. Brandishing a mohawk with a wide shoulders standing at 6 foot 4 inches, he is a big man with a big serve. His highest ATP singles ranking is 196, which he reached on 28 January 2013.

Ivo Karlovic's record breaking serve

Ivo served this bomb in March 2011. It is currently the world's fastest recorded tennis serve at 156mph. This is a Davis cup match, Croatia against Germany.
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Andy Roddick's ridiculous serve into the clay

There is no way that ball can be called out! Clay courts are watered before each set to give more grip. This clay was damp but there is no doubt that it was Roddick's huge power which created this spectacle. Roddick's reaction is priceless. The only recorded event of this happening.
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Milos Raonic serves at 150 MPH

One of the fastest serves of all time. I've put this video in because you can really hear and see the power being generated off the racket. Good quality video. Firing an ace down the middle is a lot easier with the trajectory because the net is lower. Something to keep in mind when firing flat bombs.
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Roddick's 155MPH serve

I apologise for the quality but there are few copies of this huge serve dating back to 2004. This is Roddick's serve which held the record from 2004 to 2011. The American crowd are wild and Roddick knows he's hit the record straight away. He gives a bow and a smile.


Roddick serve analysis

This is one of the best analysis' I've found for Roddick's serve. This video really shows how good Roddick's serve is. The angles and rotation are really the best out there. Roddick used to have a conventional service style as a youngster. He tried his unorthodox serve once in a tournament as a young pro and never went back. He is the most consistent fast server of all time.
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