Samuel Groth has the fastest tennis serve 164mph (264km/h)

The Fastest Tennis Serve  

Samuel Groth from Australia holds the record for the fastest tennis serve ever recorded. He hit the rocket serve at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger in South Korea. Roger Federer described it as "an incredible number". Samuel broke the record ranked 340 in the world aged 24

Having held the fastest tennis serve record since 2004, Andy Roddick's record of 155mph was beaten in March 2011 by Ivo kalovic's 156mph serve. At a towering 6 ft 10 in (208cm), Ivo Karlovic is the tallest player ever on the ATP Tour. He is a serve and volleyer and has a unique trajectory off his serve due to his height. It is considered one of the most effective serves on tour.



About Samuel Groth

Sam Groth born in 1987 is an Australian player who on the 12 May 2012 broke the fastest serve world record. He was ranked as the 340th best male tennis player in the world. The 6-foot, 4-inch player didn't immediately realize that he had broken the unofficial record. Groth admitted that at first, he was too busy grabbing his towel. He is based in Melbourn. Since then he has reached an ATP singles ranking of 196, which he reached on 28 January 2013. Follow him on Twitter.

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About Ivo Karlovic

Ivo Karlovic is a Crotian tennis player. He has won 4 ATP singles titles. On September 18th, 2009, Karlovic hit a record breaking 78 aces in a Davis Cup match against Radek Stepanek. He also hit a 144 mph second serve against Paul Capdevill in 2007, which is the fastest second serve on record. Ivo Karlovic became the fourth player to serve 1,000 aces in a season. He actually made 1,318 aces, second all-time behind fellow country man Goran Ivanisevic, who hit 1,477 in 1996. Ivo Karlovic hit his fastest tennis serve ever recorded in a Davis cup match with Ivan Dodig Philipp Petzschner and Christopher Kas of Germany. To round it up I should add he wears a size 16 shoe.

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About Andy Roddick

Andrew Stephen "Andy" Roddick is an American tennis player and former number 1 in the worlfad. He is reknown for the power off his serve, usually serving around 130-150 mph (209-242 km/h) often resulting in an ace. For his second serve he usually employs a heavy kick serve combined with a variety of angles, slices and spin to throw off his opponent. Andy Roddick produced what was then the fastest tennis serve at 155 mph (249.4 km/h) during a davis cup semi-final against Vladamir Voltchkov. This record has since been broken in early 2011 by Ivo Karlovic. He has been inside the top ten for a decade and is one of the most celebrated tennis players of all time. The 10th All-time leader in earnings.

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